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Zeebe and Rust - interview with Mackenzie Clark

July 30, 2019 Josh Wulf / Mackenzie Clark Season 1 Episode 3
Camunda Community Podcast
Zeebe and Rust - interview with Mackenzie Clark
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An interview with Mackenzie Clark, the maintainer of the open source Zeebe Rust client - Zeebest. We talk about Rust, Web Assembly, and Zeebe.

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Mackenzie's journey in programming
Working on WebAssembly at Wasmer
Working on Distributed Systems
How Mackenzie stumbled onto Zeebe
Comparison with Netflix Conductor
Comparison with Apache Airflow
Zeebe and BPMN
Documentation that never goes out of date
The Rust Ecosystem
High-level programming in Rust
How do you pronounce "Zeebest"?
Zeebest Versioning Strategy
Upcoming features in Zeebest
Developing locally with Zeebe
Upcoming features in Zeebe 0.21
What motivates you to maintain Zeebest?
How to get involved in Zeebe with Rust